Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Spontaneous vs. Prompted

This year I would like to dismantle the Christmas day. I do not know why, I simply feel the urge to do it. This year I consider it (the Christmas) a pure commercial invention.

There are two many occasions throughout the year when you have to give presents: Christmas, birthdays, name days, March 8, March 1, Saint Nicholas, Valentine's Day, "our" anniversary (since we are a couple, since we have met, since we are engaged, since we've got married), coming back from national or international trips. And I strongly believe that all these "social recommendations" diminish the spontaneity of the act of giving (presents).

How many presents do we still receive simply for us, for what we are, because we exist etc.? Fewer and fewer ... the Christmas receives gifts, our birthday receives them, March 8 receives them, March 1, Saint Nicholas etc. I exist without these occasion ... you, too ... I want to receive and give presents with no occasion at all ... to hell with the retailers and producers ...

And Santa Clause, if he is so cool, why doesn't he handle this? He just provides the brand behind a huge event .... and does nothing else but promise. A huge Promise Gap ... covered by us, the ones that have been promised ... gee ...

Pentru limba romana apasati UNU.

Us, the needy

Aka ... about the need paradox :p

A couple of tens of thousands years before we lived with simple needs, satisfying many of them directly from what nature had to offer: air, water, sun, food and a fine woman. However, the last thousands of years we did everything within our power to diversify these needs as much as possible, inventing others after others, more and more complex and being more and more difficult to satisfy.

Now I work thousands of hours to produce enough currency to satisfy these needs. And throughout the whole year I crave for that week which I spend exactly the way I like it most: wandering the woods, eating blackberries and drinking spring water; and spending the night outside, near the fire, beneath the moon and the stars, "breaking" the waist of a fine woman. ("break"=hold tightly :) )

Pentru limba romana apasati UNU.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Fooding Down (Ro. Cadere Calorica)

Thanks to Ancuta, who uploaded the movie produced by GfK for Teacher's Film Festival, I present it to you in the final cut, as we presented it in the contest. It was a good start, we had lots of fun and we also won a nomination in "Best actor in a leading role" (3 nominations from 24 movies) for the role of Puiu Copanescu, aka my good old friend Stefan Andrei.

Regarding my contribution to the movie, the one that does not show is co script writer (together with 3 very cheerful, inspiring and well-inspired girls), while the one that does show is that of a side character, more precisely - a sandwich eater in traffic :).

You can find more details about the contest on the official site - Teacher's Film Festival, where you can also watch the other 23 movies. I recommend the winners of the 'Best movie' award - The Terminal, produced by Xerox, and the guys and girls from Edipresse, with Film de groaza (Scary Movie, my favourite from this festival). Those eager for amateur movies can find on this website also the 14 movies from last year.


Pentru limba romana apasati UNU.

Friday, December 14, 2007

The women behind the driving wheels

Yes, I am talking about women. And the ones behind the fancy dresses, but the ones behind the driving wheels. And not about all of them, but about the couple (of tens) me and "my institute" have observed.

This morning, on my way to the office, when I turned left from Fabrica de Glucoza on Dimitrie Pompei (the famous semi-semaphored pseudo intersection near Barbu Vacarescu) a (young) lady, driving a Q7, came in my way, after shes had just overtaken the motorcade at the semaphore and she was heading madly (the lady and the car) towards me, on the opposite lane. I had some space to go round her through he right but, either because I took the turn too widely (I was the first in line and did not want to block the intersection in Barbu), either because this is what I tend to do in such situations, I start driving throughout the central part of my lane and accelerated towards her. Well, the lady could not believe her eyes at first, than she slowed down, only after that shes stopped and exactly at the time I stopped in front of her (around 1m) and I wanted give her some space by overlapping the curb (edge of the lane) - what does she do? She angrily shows me the finger! I cannot do anything else but thank her for the thinking theme and for the blog material ...

I think a lot of the women behind the steering wheels suffer from the "driving woman" complex (fixation). Yes, certainly - they (the women) will say that us, the men (actually only a part of them) determined this phenomenon. And they would be right. But there are many other ways to prove that they (the men) are not right besides stubbornly proving this in traffic.

Affected by the general (so they think) opinion of men that women do not belong behind the driving wheel and spurred by a mad wish to show us that things are not at all like that and they are our equals and we are their equals in traffic, they started differentiating not only through the delicacy of their driving or through the shyness in maneuvering their small or big cars but also through an acute lack of tolerance towards the exceptions of rules and not only by that.

More about this when I am a little more rested ...

Pentru limba romana apasati UNU.

Why I've got myself a blog

I wish I knew it myself. I think there is more than one reason: I saw this at others and I liked it, I have been recently been separated (physically) from an important group of people in my life (former colleagues from GfK), I do not have Messenger at work anymore, I want to reorganize my already written thoughts, I want to write the unwritten one, I want to keep some kind of journal, I want discussions, mini-polls etc. Otherwise, I want another way to be closer to you. Yes ... it is you I am talking to. Now that you have entered my blog, I hope you will like it. Otherwise, try also tomorrow. Everything changes, continuously ... even my blog :).

Pentru limba romana apasati UNU.